Continuum Browser (This project was delayed due to some issues)


Using this:


Hi there I have been making a browser for a while now (longer than this has been shared on the Thunkable community) and I too have the feature that automatically styles the tool bar using the <meta type="theme-color"... but not all sites have that. So I must ask which HTML tag/style you retrieve that gives the sites theme. Thanks for any help you can provide, if that means none I understand and will keep trying to make mine better :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks! :smiley:


So if it doesn’t have one, just make it color standard light grey, there is no other tag, that you can check.


I used the canvas. The image needs to be the website’s favicon. Use the get pixel color with x,y in the center of the canvas. (As you said that not all sites have that tag, you can use it as if the tag is here set the color from the tag, else set to the color given by the canvas.)


Ah, very interesting. I did not think of using canvas :slight_smile: I will be sure to add you in the credits page if I use that idea :slight_smile:


Yes, that is what I currently do (although my standard color is red)


how to get website color?


He said that literally like 2 replies before




oh okay i saw :sweat_smile:


I doesn’t understand. How did you get the theme of website and the favicon ?




hem sorry, you need to download each favicon ?
And, how to you gey HTML code for the theme ?
Sorry, I’m stuck…


can you make a tutorial on youtube how to make a browser bcz it looks awesome


Hey !
When do you think you will publish AIA and APK ?
I’m impatient !
Have a nice work, think better !


Please letus know how to make new tabs please I am trying it since last month​:cry::weary:


Just make multiple WebViewers !


Hey @alexandru what is the progression of your app ?


Please can you share your created browser full source code with us!