Conflicting properties for List Viewer's Background Color

Why are there two different Background Color properties for List Viewers in DnD? This is from a converted StP project… maybe that’s the reason?

I think that in StP, advanced options allows you to select more options, but sometimes basic options are also in advanced.
I also experienced this in a DnD project that was probably not converted to DnD.
And in DnD, are you trying to do something like this?
If so, use advanced one.
If you use the one below “Color”, it would not work, I tried that in DnD

Correct. But one of them should be removed. :wink:

It’s not row backgrounds vs the entire components background is it?

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You’re right! The top property is for item background color and the bottom property is for the list viewer background color. I guess they are both needed but they should have different names.

Feature request here: List Viewer background color properties should have unique names · Issue #1227 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

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