Community Maintenance Feb 3, 2021

Important Community Upgrade this Week

Hey Thunkers!

Just a heads up that we’ll be updating the community this Wednesday. It’s a slightly different process than with previous updates and to facilitate this the Community will be in read-only mode for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.

This means that you can still search and read posts, but for this brief period you won’t be able to create a new topic or reply to existing posts.

The update is scheduled to start on Wednesday, 3rd Feb, at 9am Pacific Time.

For any urgent inquires we will still be available via email and chat support.

cc: @Power_Thunkers


the drafts we saved here will be gone?

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Please feel free to email or log an issue here


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Looks like it is done… :smirk:


Also looks like it’s not done. I’m seeing lots of missing images, such as in this topic: InfiniteProgressBars extension.

Will have to take a look at this - thanks @tatiang

It seems the images are coming back now. Can anyone confirm?



Yes, I could now see the missing image in one of the posts. Thanks :+1:

It seems to be working now. Thanks!