Column does not move up when keypad opens

I have a column on a screen with several rows in it. The rows contain fields for the user to fill in information. This column is set to scroll but when I put the cursor in some of the lower text boxes which opens the keypad, the screen does not move up. So the cursor is in the text box and the keypad is open but you cannot see what you are typing in the text box. How do I setup the screen so that the column scrolls up to show the current text box being edited while the user types?


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I have a GitHub bug request similar to this problem: Opening the keyboard squashes the screen · Issue #998 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

The keyboard is outside of the column and therefore the column should not be effected. You need to set the screen scrollable option to true to see any effect.

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Yep! That was the issue. Thank you!

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