Color cannot select none

if select one color,then how set to none?

You can easily find out the “none” color value by yourself, by setting a component’s color to none in the designer and read it’s color, like this:

(HorizontalArrangement1 background color was set to “none” in the designer)

Which produces this:

So, the “none” color is 16777215 or
Red:255 Green:255 Blue:255 Alpha:0

Hello @Italo, I just want to note you that there is #discuss:ios tag here :slight_smile:

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Oops. I didn’t notice that. Thanks for catching it.
This iOS stuff is making me not want to come here anymore. Is there any way to block the category at all? I’m not even interested in Apple stuff.


That’s all right. Although confused, thank you for your kind reply

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Hi there. Is this for iOS? If so, are you trying to set the color to transparent? Or white?

ios,the default color is none,but the choose semm have no “none” option,not white