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I done my research first but all i found is for classic, either in youtube dont have this tutorial, how to delete or clear a tag in firebase… please share

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If the Firebase Tag is a child, example: The parent is called User Info and it has children tags called Name and Age and you want to keep the tag Name but not Age, you can pull the User Info tag, then upload it again without the Age object.

Here is how this could be achieved:




The blocks on the left are if you wanted to keep both tags.

The blocks on the right are if you wanted to keep only specific tags. If the parent tag contained many child tags, and you called save under the parent tag, everything would be erased and your new child tag would be uploaded.

Does that make sense? :stuck_out_tongue:

In short, if you want to have full control over every object being saved or deleted, use the code on the right.

too complicated, i have lot of children tag. But i will try, thank you so much … I will try it

Hi… any recommendation how to save some tags, while deleting ony specific tag, it will be done by the app, and not my control in the database since my app is now live and have users, it willbe in big risk if all tags will be cleared out, because in my undestanding, you will get the tag and save it again…how could be so sure if i have 100+ child tag and it will save all?


Use lists to work with data in Firebase. You ask if the system can properly store hundreds of child objects? Try it and tell us if it works with bug.

Best regards, Alex
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since clear tag in firebase using thunkbale x is complicated to me, you will call, remove and save it agin method, since i have many child tags, as i plan is to save it as list, and remove my desire tag in the list and save it again as list also. Will this work? please do review and guide me

Cloud variables are designed to work with Firebase, and you use app variables that are designed for other purpose -

thanks… this will help