Chronometer for a quiz

Im trying to create a quiz app, is there anyway to have a timer (20 sec) each question.
When a new question comes out the timer starts and shows you how many seconds you have remaining and after the question is over the timer stops and restart with the other question.
Is there anyway to do that? I am very new with this.


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When a question is displayed start the timer. Once it reaches 20 seconds stop it. Display the next question and start the timer again. And so on and so on.


yes, use the timer component.

first have the list of inputs from desired input as a list,

for getting value of timer, use another loop for each second or use
image block

Hope this was helpful ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Best of luck for your app !

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Thanks a lot, is that pic to get the timer shown in a label?