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Check out my site. From a beginner person
My site
For my files aia

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What does the app do?

I’ve noticed it offers in-app purchases but you don’t provide a street address in the developer contact details as required by the Play Store. From the Play Console Help (see under Set up or change account information > Developer information shown to users on Google Play:

To comply with consumer protection laws, developer accounts with paid apps or in-app purchases need to add a physical address to their accounts. If a developer account with paid apps or in-app purchases doesn’t have a physical address, it may result in the account’s apps being suspended from the Play Store.


Kaspersky detected Trojan in it. Check screen shot attached.

This is not good.
Why does this show you?
I do not show me.
I’m really sorry.
Delete the app

Thanks for the information.
I will do it