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I display the text from a variable in another list, which is retrieved as a list (column). I am trying to change the setting of the retrieved text to one line. (eg example, example, example. As I get it from the list, it’s in a column, which takes up too much space for me and creates blank space on the sides of what I don’t want. Is there a way to do that?

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When you say retrieved as a column do you mean it is a list which is displayed one above the other?

If so, you can use a block in the Lists drawer called make text from list which will change the list to a text such as example, example, example,....

this does not work because the text written in this list is using “newline” it will show it in the following blocks.

Zrzut ekranu 02-02-2022 16.01.33

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You can first use the Replace All text block to change the newline character to something else such as an empty string (""). But you’d need to loop through the list to do that with each item.

Or, you can create a new variable and whenever you insert an item in the sup and quan together list, you also insert it in the new variable (list) but without a newline. And then when you want to display that data, you just use the new variable instead.

Edit: actually, you could also convert the list to text, use the Replace All block after that, and then you wouldn’t need to loop at all.

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If you are using the newline as your separator then use it in the make text from list block.

Change this to newline to get the required string.

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@muneer That will add a newline to the generated text string for each list item. I think they need to use the Replace All block.


Yes, @tatiang you are correct.

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here is the solution. Thank you

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