Cast Shadows from Labels and other objects

in the advanced section for each object under “styling” theres the option for shadows, could it be that shadows dont work correctly? The shadow color for example does not change the shadow color, the only options that work are “Elevation” and “Opacity”.

And is it possible to avoid that shadow can be casted on other Objects?

thank you.

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I do not know the answers to your questions, but the properties on the extended tab may not work. It is necessary to watch.

You can make your own shadow, for example, place a copy of the object with the color of the shadow under the component and displace it slightly using absolute positioning.


Hi there, @Christian_Sigge
I believe that,the current shadowColor is now just working on iOS.
Although I don’t have own it.

Yes still just working on IOS or in the Web Live test, so frustrating.

I’m curious if these Label properties do anything and if so, what are some recommendations for settings to try?