Carded - Student Discount Card

Hello everyone,

Today I present an app I made for a school mini company. I created this app for my friends who started up the business. You can find out more about why this company was created here.

The company is called Carded. In short, it’s a student discount card. The guys who run the company were already dispensing the physical printed cards, which the students of their school can show at checkout when buying a slice of pizza, or a new t-shirt, with the participating businesses. They came forward to me knowing I have a little passion for making apps, and asked me to create them an app, but weren’t so sure on what it should be able to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I came back to them after many discussions and sit downs, to create the Carded App.

Available on:
iOS App Store
Android Play Store

You can view their website here. (hint, the website was made with Mobirise :slight_smile: ).

Here are some screenshots:

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So why did they want an app?

Well I know for myself, as a student, there’s things you never forget to bring, and well, there are things you do!

Things you don’t forget:


Things you do

Basically everything else.

So I came back to them and said “Hey”, I could setup an e-card phone app! And it all started from there.

App Features

  1. You can use this card at checkout.
    The student has access to their card in app, and can display it to the worker at the till to obtain their discount.

  2. Shop information.
    The app gives information about what stores you can save with and contact information with them.

  3. Business tools.
    All businesses were contacted again and asked if they would like to participate with Carded Business Tools. This way, a worker can scan a card using the same Carded App, to prove if the card is legitimate, or not.
    The app knows if an account is a student account or business account and opens the appropriate screens.

Test it out

Carded is a pay to use service, but I have asked them if I could give you guys access to a test account to try it out.

So if you would like to test this out, download the app on iOS or Android (links above) and sign in with the following credidentials:

Email: [email protected]
Password: 1234567890

Note: This account has “Test Account” written all over it so it won’t be of any use, especially if you aren’t living in Ireland :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know what you think. I’ve had an absolute blast making this app!

This was only possible with Thunkable X :slight_smile:


This app is only available in Republic of Ireland. So apologies if the app/play store links above don’t work.


This is awesome! Congrats on completing this. Sounds like it’s an app that meets a particular need and improves on an existing process.

I love the detailed share out, too.

Can you answer a few questions, if you don’t mind?

  1. How long do you estimate it took to make the app? You can include planning and design or just time spent in Thunkable.

  2. What prior coding/app development experience did you have?

  3. Was this your first app or have you made others?

  4. What do you think you might make next?


Awesome work! This is really cool! Good for you!

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Hi @tatiang,

Thanks for your kind words. The app really only has 1 use for a student which is to use an e-card instead of a physical card.

  1. I had many meetings, if you would call them that, with the guys who set up the company. I’ve had to generate and export images for the app, such as shop logos, some of which didn’t have logos and I’ve had to draw them myself from shop-front images and then up scaling the Carded logo as they couldn’t find a high resolution version of it.
    I had a rough plan idea though I hadn’t used any other platforms to design it. Google was my friend for ideas this time around.
    It took about 4 weeks to make. A lot less than if you were to hand code it, and this included break days as I couldn’t progress without another meeting.

  2. I do Computer Science as a subject in school. I am very lucky to be a part of a pilot school for CompSci in Ireland. We cover Microbit at the start, then now we are doing Python with Data Science and Databases. We use Python and Microbit combined also :slight_smile: Moving onto JS and HTML later in the year!

  3. I’ve made 3 major apps. All 3 are available on Android and 2 available on iOS.
    2 of these apps are “private”. The Carded App and the LKRFC APP which is an app for my local rugby team. The other one is a simple payment calculator called Simply Payment, and was primarily created as I had no other ideas in mind.

  4. I’ve been looking into loyalty cards, and with paper becoming a thing of the past in terms of writing letters etc, I was considering making a loyalty card wallet.
    This would require participation of businesses, which I am still debating whether to make it open to anyone anywhere or start off local :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your kind comments!


Thank you @jared!

Fantastic work @eoinparkinson - congratulations on getting this app #SuccessfullyTHUNKd

What’s the initial feedback been like so far?

Hiya @domhnallohanlon

The feedback has been great. I’ve handed everything over to the team of guys who run the mini company. They’ve been added to Airtable and Firebase as editors and I’ve showed them how to add/remove users from the system.

Fingers crossed they will have the 100 active users using the card, gain access to the app before the competition deadline!

Thanks for the kind comments!

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