Canvas fails to load when installing .apk file

A canvas has suddenly stopped loading on one of my screens.

This only happens when installing the apk file. If I use the live test, preview or web app then the canvas loads correctly.

I added a 2nd test canvas to the screen and that loads without a problem.

Is there a limit to what you can have on a canvas ?

I have sprites with a lot of alternative images and it is a screen with around 4000 blocks.

If this problem was happening in all scenarios then I would assume it was something I had done, but the fact the problem only occurs when installing the .apk would point towards a bug or some limitation in the canvas.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this ?


Well its nothing to do with the blocks.

I saved the screen then added it to a blank test app, then removed all the blocks.

Canvas still fails to load when installing the .apk

Guess what ? - It was something I had done :grinning:

The issue was that I had deleted an image file that was being used in a sprite type picture list.

I am assuming that when the canvas tries to load it can’t find the image file and just keeps trying to load it. Therefore the screen just hangs.

For some reason the preview, live test and web app environments don’t seem to mind if there is an image file missing so you will only encounter this issue when you install the .apk

Not sure why it doesn’t work the same for all environments and it would be good if it displayed an error so you knew what the problem was.

Anyway, if anyone else gets a canvas that fails to load, check that all the images in your sprite picture lists are there.

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