Cant stop Speach

I am picking up text from an API. To enable text to speach funtionality for accessibility reasons it require that the used can start (of course) but also STO and or PAUSE the playback (speach)
If Stopped i should be able activate another text…

However i cannot STOP the text from being read by the system.

So, it ois not a sound file - but a text file. Play back workd fine - BUT i cannot stop it…
Please advice work around if you have found it.

It should still be a sound file. How are you generating the speech? What do your blocks look like? If you’re getting JSON from the API, what does that look like?

This works perfect for the playback.
However - i cannot stop/pause it…
Any clearer??

Oh okay, so you’re not generating the text to speech with a third-party API. You’re just getting the text from the API. I understand now.

There isn’t a way to pause or stop text-to-speech in Thunkable but there should be. I submitted that feature request in December. Please add your comments to it and a link to this topic.

Hello @Thunkable_Staff
Just checking up on this one.
START / STOP / PAUSE / RESUME reading the text in the “Spech to text funtionality is missing”
Can you please advice when possible to make it happen?
Form an accessibility this is very important - I added it to the Git hub item…

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