Can't get Onesignal API

Hi. i read a lot of articles about one signal API here.
So first i made blocks to tag users.

And secondly, im making Admin app for track some data and so on.
i tried to track the number of users from one signal.

But it doesn’t work. when it lives, the numbers are all “0”.
here are screen shots.

and in Document about One signal API, it said

i think i put url and header with right parameters.
what do you guys think the problem here?

Hi @saramdl.gaunde021

From your screenshot it looks like your are web testing your app and push notifications are not supported on web testing at this time.

Does the app perform as expected when you install it on one of your devices?


I downloaded in iOS and Android but failed.

@saramdl.gaunde021 which part failed, the download or the installation?

You’re a PRO user, right?

yes its PRO.

i mean i downloaded and installed successfully, but failed to GET API from Onesignal (the numbers are still 0)

On your OneSignal dashboard do you have any registered users? (You should have at least one)

of course i do. haha. its hundreds

maybe some mistake making blocks but i dont understand now.