Can't find the sound component

There’s no sound component in my screen, how can I find it? I want to use the vibration block in my app.

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The vibrate block is in the Devices drawer on the Blocks tab (not the Design tab).


Isn’t there a block that calls the vibration for X miliseconds?

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No. The vibrate block has no parameters. It just vibrate once.

Of course you can put it inside a loop to vibrate a set number of times but cannot think of a practical use to such thing.

How can I make it vibrate for a specific amount of time?

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And how can I add extensions in Thunkable X? I am searching for information, but everything I found until now is about the later versions.

You can’t add extensions to Thunkable X. If you had searched the forum you would have seen the many topics about it.

The vibrate block is a simple block without parameters. It vibrates for a set amount of time. So you can try putting it in a Repeat loop with or without a Wait block and see what happens.

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Try this

First try it without the wait block and then try adding the wait block and adjusting the time to your convenience.