Can't Find Local DB Component

Hello, I am new to Thunkable. I am following the Quiz App Design Walkthrough from Thunkable on YouTube, dated 9 Feb 2019.
I am now on the Pro plan but my screen is not the same as the one presented in the video.
Specifically under Add Component I don’t see the option for Local DB or a sub-category of data.
Hoping someone can assist.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

The Quiz App YouTube was done on the old UI called StP (Snap to Place). It seems that you are now using the new UI DnD (Drag and Drop) which has different set of components.

To follow the YouTube step by step, start your project and in the project page remove the tick to go to the StP UI.

Thanks. I can’t see an option to change a UI for a current project but I see now that I can change the default UI for new projects under Account > Settings > Features.
I think this gives me what I want if I now create a new project and I will be able to follow along with the video.

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When you create a new project just be sure the box is not ticked if you want the old UI.

Thanks, good tip.

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