Can't download my App. I dont use AdMob but it shows this message

I tested Ad Mob but then i deleted it and now i cannot download or publish my App because it shows a message that i need to upgrade to pro in order to download my App with AdMob. I dont have AdMob component or blocks in the App but still shows it

Any help?

I had a similar issue. I had removed all AdMob components listed in Invisible Components in the Design tab, but I was getting the error message you mentioned. This was because there was still a banner ad component that was in a screen that was, for some reason, not listed under Invisible Components. I had to navigate to the actual component on the Screen and remove it. It worked then. You may want to check out the screens inidividually - may be it lies buried in a test screen or something,

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Hello Once we add admob you will have to create second app / add admob and buy pro to download