Can you only reference a single sheet in Google Sheets?

Is it possible to reference more than one sheet within a single Google Sheet file? For example, I have this Google Sheet set up with 3 named sheets:

The first sheet uses formulas to sort the data from the second sheet. So I want to be able to get/set the values on the second sheet while syncing the values on the first sheet with a Data Viewer List (DVL) in Thunkable. That way, I can update the second sheet and still display sorted values in Thunkable.

Is that possible? From the looks of it, there is not a way to select which sheet is connected to a DVL. In this screenshot, I selected a Google Sheet called Menu Survey but there’s no option to select a sheet within Menu Survey.

Is it just me or is it confusing to call something a “Google Sheet” and then have tabs called “sheets” within it? :crazy_face:

I created a feature request for this: Ability to select a sheet (tab) within a Google Sheet when syncing to a Data Viewer List · Issue #1048 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

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The Data Source connection takes the Google sheet name but the blocks in the project gives the option to select different sheets. The DVL also has a sheet option drop-down menu.

I’m not sure if this is the correct answer but this is how I understand your post

That makes sense but the “Table” property is not updating. I’ve renamed the first sheet from “Sheet1” and added two more. So I can’t figure out a way to select or add a different sheet name associated with the DVL.

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Okay, I had to delete and re-add the data source. Then it sees all of the sheets. It’s a shame it can’t refresh on its own.

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Go to My Data Sources tab in the main page and refresh the connection to reflect new structure changes in the Google sheet file.

You do not need to delete then add.

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Ah, I always forget that’s there. Thank you.

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