Can you connect a credit card or venmo account?

Hi everyone, I’m working on a little something where you can receive money; like real money; from a connected account (parent’s account or something), like an allowance where you complete certain tasks from a list and you get a certain amount of money from the connected account. I’m wondering if that’s possible, thank you. Oh and if it is possible, how?

Hey @317094wv - that sounds really cool, but unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible to do in the current version of Thunkable.

you can create a paypal account and use the payme link that opens paypal site or appto send money to that account

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Great suggestion @maxb!

Is this something you’ve done in any of your apps?

No, but the paypal payme are just clickable links that send you straight to a page where you insert the amount and send money to that person, or organization, of course you need a paypal account to do that

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