Can We Split The URL

How I can a Split URL in my app
For Example :

i Want only This Part of Video :dWRXK81pSv4

But The USer can Paste Full URL and App Split The URL and Give Result

As My Website Need Only Last Part Of URL not Full

So Please Help me

Find the position β€œ=” in the text and copy the part of the text from this position + 1 to the end.

can give me any example plz sir

Check it.


Only Last Part of url will remain.
And Remain URL is Remove or Deleted

and block You used i don’t know where they are

Sorry, but I did not understand your question. In my example, nothing is deleted. We just take a substring after the symbol =

is this Blocking Give the that letter i needed in url

I do not understand, what are you asking me for?

Can You come on Team viewer
So that you can fix my Problem

I can fix your problem if you send me a link to your project and write what needs to be fixed

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