Can we remove firebase tag on thunkable cross platform?

Hi, any method to remove firebase tag on thunkable cross platform?



With the help of Thunkable X to remove the tag need to adjust the structure of the data and rewrite it in the database, or use as a data list to delete its elements.

You can set the value of this tag to “null”
You can find this “null” under logic

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Thunkable X is not flexible compare to classic. There is no Get Tag and remove Tag for the firebase. A huge set back for the finishing touch of my project.

You are right, Thunkable X does not have the same functionality as Classic, but it also has advantages.

Yes, for working with Firebase Thunkable X does not have the same number of blocks, but this does not mean that using it is impossible to work with Tag. It just does it in a different way - by rewriting the nodes. You cannot delete a node, but you can change the parent node so that it does not have this child node.

Please share your method on how to populate the tags from firebase on the list view and remove the unwanted tag from the list view. Thanks.

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If your structure in Firebase is a list of objects, then in this case, load it into the application and delete the unnecessary list element using the block for working with the list.

If your structure is a set of objects, then here is a little more complicated. Can you give a real example of data from which you need to delete something?


How to populate Judge1 to 5 onto listview?
How to remove the Judge5 from listview?
There is no luxury of changing the database structure designed from classic platform.

Check it

If you use a cloud variable, then a change in the list (to which it refers to a cloud variable) will immediately change the data in Firebase

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Thank for sharing the data retrieval method. But, writing it back to firebase may be very messy. I still think that delete tag is a better choice.