Can we add extensions in Thunkable?

I want to add extension. Can i add extension in thunkable?

no u can not do as Classic is closed and not possible in Thunkable.

the list of things u cant do

  • import or export aia
  • import aix files
    auto saving is done automatically

@aaminahmansuri59h which extension do you want to add? (And why?)


yes if the extension you want to add to thunkable maybe there is a way or maybe there is a component or maybe @Thunkable_Staff can add that component

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@domhnallohanlon & I want to add clipboard extension.

well then why dont you search for clipboard web apis in your browser

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Okkk. I tried to find but I can’t found.

You can create your own JavaScript extensions for many things. What did you have in mind?

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JavaScript supports clip board features. Create a JavaScript file and use it through the web viewer component.