Can Thunkable be used to make bank transactions?

Hello everycoder,
The name’s BrownCoat Justice.(Or that is what my friends call me!).

Welcome to the second discussion/post of 'Can Thunkable Do…'
Today I have another question from my school friend Jimmy he asks me are ‘Thunkable made e-commerce apps secure for bank transactions? If yes, then how?

Well, I don’t know the answer that is the reason I have asked the Community!:grin:

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Hey @browncoatjustice52 - I’ve updated your post title to make it more relevant/descriptive.

When you say “bank transactions” are you interested in something like a wire transfer or using SWIFT? Or are you more wondering about transferring money via an intermediary like PayPal or Stripe?


Thank you @domhnallohanlon.

I am talking about bank transactions through PayPal, Google Pay, etc. So are these methods secure, when I am redirecting them to these payment platforms?

Hi @browncoatjustice52,

This might be of relevance?
Stripe (Payment method)