Can Thunkable be used to build a video sharing app?

How can we make a online video sharing app just like youtube

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I don’t think There is a Feature like that @azinkya07420c3tz

I appreciate that you are helping answer questions but why are you posting in bold italics?

If you leave the asterix (***) symbols out of your posts, they won’t appear that way.

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Hi @tatiang It is just appearing like that I don’t know how. Earlier It wasn’t Appearing. But now It is coming like that. I am not showing …

When you edit your posts, do you see the asterix symbols? When I edit yours, I see this:


I solved it by the way I can’t see the ****

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You need to have a backend media server that can scale. Cloudinary is a good start. Then a service like aws with media transcoding would be a definite requirement.

The app side is probably the easiest part. Setting up a media backend that supports what’s really required to serve media to any device is the harder and more complex part.

I’d start by uploading and sharing videos from cloudinary. Maybe using a service like zapper or integromat to then offload from cloudinary to aws.

It’s definitely doable. What do you have started so far?!

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