How can we take Videos on thunkable

i wanna make a social media app i know how to add images but how can i add videos? any ways or alternatives?

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Hi there,
We cannot straightforward on embed the video component currently. You can try to drag a webviewer and link to the video.


Do you mean to take a video / upload a video, or to display them?

If you really wanted a native video, you could make it into a high quality gif, otherwise, you must use web viewer and some sort of streaming service. There is no other way to directly embed a video.

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making a social media app with videos like youtube is easy but you need storage to store all the videos, if you have than you can use a layout like youtube. A search textbox at top with search button, many latest videos. You can use

  1. Video Player component
  2. Cloudinary (For storage)
  3. Firebase (For data)
  4. Other your app features
    You cannot arrange a view like instagram or facebook with videos. You can use that if your are making a social media app with photos
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this is thunkable x (cross platform)

i said of this platform only

i want them to Take And Upload videos or can i do a 3d face image if yes how can i because alot of apps are doing 3d photos can i do it via Api i need one of two features 1) video take/upload 2) 3d photos of face

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hi thanks for laying down the foundation for me ! :slight_smile: by data what do you mean and how can i link it with cloudinary

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you can keep an upload button , as soon the image uploads on cloudinary, the firebasedb will store the value with tag of the user’s name. After it is stored, you can use the video component to load the video of the same tag. In this way you can create a social media app of videos like youtube

where is the video component

use webviewer or switch to thunkable classic for that.

ah okay i understand now. But web viewer does not support full screen, especially not for platforms such as YouTube.

so need to shift to Thunkable classic for that

yes indeed.

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME but i want thunkable X

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can you solve my 2 issues? how can i make a log in like instagram has and 2) how can i show how many insta follower and twitter follower a person has i have a solid social media idea which i know will be huge but i need alot of helpp figuring this out :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
1.If you want to make a log-in (account) system. You must need to create Firebase account first. It is easier to make account with that. Therefore, I will recommend this video to you :

2.If you want to show the Instagram and Twitter followers as in Label. You can make it using html (webviewer) or Web API, which is detect webpage data.

I cannot do it to you so. I just can give you some tips on it, cause I’m not sure how to make :slight_smile:


For login, you can use sign in component, store it in RealtimeDB, and show it in a label by using the code “Get_value”

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Just a quick FYI - this is something we’re working on and hopefully we’ll be rolling out support for this in the not-too-distant future.