Can I view the entire globe using the map component?

Hi everyone,

When adding a Map to thunkable, the most zoomed-out value is -15. This isn’t sufficient to show the whole world.
But still, is this link shared by @jared in the post “Map zoom level for multiple markers”, it seems it should be possible to view the complete world: google map API zoom range - Stack Overflow
Ideally, I would also like to display it in the globe view…

Can you help ?

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I don’t think that’s possible with the Thunkable map component.

You could embed a webviewer and some mapping library like Google maps or from another provider. Then you could achieve the look you’re shooting for.

Jared, thanks for answering and making suggestions. I’ll look into it.

Hi again @jared ,

The problem I’m having is that embed a webviewer won’t allow me to interact with the map.
I still need to be able to click on it and get coordinates…

Is there really no way to fully unzoom ? It seems strange as other nocode apps do it…
Maybe another widget I’m not aware of can do that ?