Can I select a russian language

Hello everyone, pls help me can I select russian language in thunkable? I didnt find it, just like didnt found a classic version.

I don’t think there is Russian language in the platform but the best to answer you would be @actech.

The classic version is not anymore available.


no, It’s only for chinese but still there is a group for french! :smiley:

@super-coder This topic is 8 months old and I doubt that the original poster is even active anymore. Please do not spam/ revive old topics, as lots of the community members (@Dean_Artis is one name that comes to mind) have said before. Please check topics before responding.

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at least that @domhnallohanlon is’nt active

Of course he is! And just because he “isn’t” does not mean we disregard community guidelines.

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haha! :rofl: