Can I publish an App created with Thunkable on Dell computer to the App Store

Folks, I created an App with Thunkable on Dell Laptop to publish it to the App Store. Do I have to have an Apple computer or it doesn’t really matter? Thanks a million

I believe your question is answered here: Publish to App Store (iOS) - Thunkable Docs

thank you so much Tatiang! It is a very straightforward step by step description. I have yet another question for you. There’s a demo video on youtube about BrewBase thunkable project which is supposed to be made in web database mode with a JSON file url attached to it. Can I just attach JSON file as a file rather than url? On the image below it is shown as a link attached to the block, can it just be a file and what block should I use for it? THANK YOU

It’s best to start a new topic for a new issue but I’ll go ahead and answer here.

You can use a JSON string (text) or a url. If you use a JSON string, you don’t need to do an API call at all. You just convert the JSON string to an object and then use the get property of object blocks.

APIs are web-based services so you use a url to access them. I made a tutorial that explains it, especially the video: API JSON Tutorial (Video).