Can I make a Whatsapp sticker app with thunkable?

Hey there, guys
Is it possible to make whatsapp sticker apps with thunkable classic or the cross platform?

I saw some people talking about it at the forum but no one answered it can be done or not.

I know there is an api and even source code for Android Studio users.
If someone could tell me if it is used I will work hard to make it happen, but I don’t want to lose my time trying something that will never be possible.

I saw some people saying they believe it is not possible but they didn’t say if they tried or why it couldn’t be done.

No. I don’t think you can make it with Thunkable

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Why not, my friend?
I mean, what is the limitation that prevents us from using thunkable to do this?
I saw others people telling the same thing that you said, but not detailing the reason for this kind of app not being possible to make here.

A couple of the basic reasons why it is currently impossible to do what your asking with Thunkable ✕ is that we don’t have a way to launch arbitrary Android Intents, nor do we have a way to create an Android ContentProvider. According to your link, both of those things appear to be required in order to add stickers to WhatsApp. I also happened to find the place in the sample code at that link which has to do with those things:

Thunkable Classic would allow you to launch the Android Intent, but you still wouldn’t be able to create the Content Provider.

There also may well be other aspects of the WhatsApp API that would make it impossible to do what you want in Thunkable, currently.

Sorry for the bad news.



Thank you very much for your explanation, my friend. I saw this part about Android Intents but I believed it was possible to do. I am far away from an expert.

I really apreciate your help.