Can anyon tell me how i do this

So can any one help me for developing this application . that app will tell us that we are in safe place or not.
Example : if person A is in danger place so the application will say " You are in danger place " .
And if person A is in Safe place then the app will Say " You are in Safe place " .

So any one knows how can i do this. With location only .

Please guys help me i want to develop this app .

Hi @prohit26singh09iln8j,

First, you will need a database that lists locations as safe or dangerous. You could compile this yourself, or you could find a suitable API.

You can use a process called ā€˜reverse geolocationā€™ to get the name of the street, city, country etc of a latitude/longitude combination. You can see a tutorial for this here.

Once you have the userā€™s location to whatever level or preciseness you want (country, city, area, street), you can look up this location in your database/API and get the value for how safe or dangerous this location is. You can then return this value to the user.

Can i do this in thunkable?

You will need to find or build a database/API that is external to Thunkable.

You can use the tutorial I linked to learn how to do reverse geolocation in Thunkable.

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But how i store data in database ??
Can you please help me??