Calendar component version 2 ready for testing!

Edit: This version will is old and is being replaced with this one.
Event Calendar v1- Thunkable.
This new version uses a different method to get each calendar with almost instant loading times.

I created a calendar component that allows you to customize the color, display events, appointments, etc.
New version allows you to get row id/list index from imported data. New code now lists events in chronological order and there is no need to organize your database (24h time format required for this method to work).

Component Link:

Sample blocks to get you started:


This is really great work, @tthompson41231! I just imported this into my own Custom Components. So many good use-cases for our users to have this. :raised_hands:

Thank you, I’m going to be adding an index value to reference which row/index the events are located. This will help users change data when they click on the event/schedule.

New version is out now, spread the word.


awesome @tthompson41231 thanks for sharing this!

I’m still fixing this since the last variable bug I encountered.

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