Advanced Calendar: Scheduler


i need a very advanced calendar like this:

Is this even possible with thunkable?



Welcome to Thunkable.

Coding such a calendar is a challenge in any programing language but not impossible. Can you show what have you tried?

not yet - i am just looking for a no-code/less-code tool that supports such a component

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@muneer already told me " When there is a well, there is a way." … so is only a matter of imagination to find how to do it :innocent:


Just build a custom Data Viewer List/Grid to hold the information you want to display. That is my first thought.

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Yes - of course, but i am looking for ready to configure components to save time. This is why i am asking explicit for this component.
So i have to move on… good project anyway - ill keep track of it.

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We could set this up using the webviewer if you’re interested. Looks like you are wanting syncfusion?

this is no option, because of security issues (login twice). I need a native approach…