Caboose (my new app)

I’m proud to present you my first app on Google Play: Caboose. With Caboose you can manage your storeroom or garage so when your wife ask you “Have we got some milk in garage?” you can answer for sure!
Using barcode scanner or direct input, you can add or remove products in a list and be always updated.
This app in entirely developed using Thunkable with ListUtils extension.
Let’s get a try!

Caboose: the ramping cart!


I am just downloading It.


you should work on the interface of the app. Once downloaded users are left with a rather blank green screen and no guidance how to procceed. Also for me the text in the inventory list is really tiny :thinking: And I would add the possibility to search for something because if I have to search a long, confusing list I could also just go have a look :sweat_smile:


Thanks @Chris for the advice.
Maybe I could show a popup with a tutorial only the first time users open the App or add an help menu.

As I can see, your phone as an higher resolution then the mine: I didn’t consider this. A bigger font could be better.

And, yes, a search function could be a plus for very long list.

Did you have issues with barcode scanner or it works well? I found a bug when I find a second item: description field doesn’t empty. I will fix it in next release.

Thank you very much to have tested my app.

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Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

didn’t you set the app to be responsive? Then the font should look quite same on different devices :wink:

I didn’t have problems with the scanner except what I hate about the AI scanner is that you have to hold the phone horizontally to scan EAN codes but you cannot change that unfortunately…

cheers, Chris

I’m afraid no… :frowning:

me too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

you can still change it in the settings of your screen1 but you might have to change a few size settings maybe :slight_smile: Thunkable also recommends to use responsive.

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Great would you perhaps share the source code ? As a learning tool for me ?

I’m not going to share my code but if you need some help I’m here.