Button not appear after next question

Hello, this is my first time build an app on thunkable, i have one problem here. i tried to build a quiz app for my Final year project on my bachelor degree. i already follow an instruction on youtube Build your own Quiz App - YouTube. First question is fine, when come to next question, all my answer button is invisible. anyone can help with that?

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this is my block, anything mistake on my block? first question is fine,but when it come to second question, all answer button is like invisible


in your after_the_user_answer function, you call a function called reset_button_colors which turns all the buttons white - but the text itself is white - thus you’ve made the buttons “invisible” yet they’re still there.
perhaps you should set the button background to blue (normal button color), instead of white so they become visible again.
the invisibilty starts AFTER the first question is answered - that’s why you think it works on the first but not on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.questions.


Wow now its work like charm. Thank you so much sir for helping me. salute


i’m glad it worked.


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