Bugs in components

Hi, I enclose here two screenshot of my app. It’s very simple, but:

TextInput1 seems centered on the screen, but even if other components inside same Vert. Arr. are centered, it aligns left (width it’s set to 50% ) when tested.

From the left :
function does not work,
button 1 is ok ,
button2 : the if block do not return the text “void” on label2 when textinput1 is empty and no lenght is returned on label1

Thanks for reporting this – we’ll take a look!

Hi there. I was able to replicate all these issues – except the last one. We’ll try to get them fixed and thanks for reporting it.

Hi @albert,

Are you talking about the single post in this thread, or one in another thread?


Just this post – although I’ve found that functions in general are not working as expected and have filed a bug on our end.

These are “undocumented features”, not “bugs”. Gotta be more positive! :slight_smile:


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