Bug with Labels and join

The following should end up with “yyy” in label. It doesn’t

Somehow the set Label to a join of itself and some other things has stopped working.
Here is a large example, that should build a math equation (3+8) from a list of numbers

Here is the larger sample I referred to in previous post:

This one should end up with an equation in EquationLabel, e.g., 3+7+34, but it doesn’t

Hi @David_Wolber, I think maybe you should add a wait 0.01 in each repeat so it has time to update.

If this doesn’t work, what does it output?

Thanks, it works with the waits.

But I’m now confused on how Thunkable works. Why aren’t the operations executed in order and why would waiting be required?

I’m glad it works!

I’m not really sure. I have the same issues with some Alerts. I would set the message or title and I would have to add a wait block for it to update or it would just show the last one.