A bug in the pro thunkable

I have an app that I use a list with items defined using joined texts. After upgrading my account to Pro, it does not work any more. If I define items using texts only without joining another text, it works! This is my code, if can help me to overcome this problem, I will be grateful.

Hi Ahmed_Ismaeel,

I would like to help you, but I do not understand your problem.
Please share your project.


What does function Get_All_Variables do?

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maybe a hint is a bug I found today (bug invasion this week :slight_smile: )

when using the Join-Block with a variable and in my case the RealtimeDB, the beaver appends " at the end of the line, which needs to be deleted. I use the replace block for it.

My project is very large, so this may be not the case in your project.

It is very strange! Try replacing any other character - a or G or /. Is it also added to the end of the line instead of deletion?

If instead of the variable k to substitute a text block with this line, everything works well?

I will check that later.

After having 3 hours trouble with thunkable without progress in my project, I have to do something meaningful now.
Cya @actech

It calculates the variables which will be shown in the listviewer.

Here you are:

This is your project manipulated:

1.) I think you do not need both Screen.Opens and Screen.Starts, because Screen.Opens triggers everytime you navigate to the Screen.

2.)When you use local storage, please always use the then-do-section like you see in the picture. You cannot use a separate function here.

Keep thunking,

You are right about Local Storage. I would not use Starts and Opens at the same time, because I noticed some oddities. But sometimes you need to do the initialization. That’s when Starts are needed to execute it once.

After upgrading to pro, did you update Thunkable Live? The fact is that about a week ago I was faced with the fact that some text blocks and list blocks simply stopped working. After that, I updated Thunkable Live for iOS and everything began to work fine.

Thank you both very much.