Bubble Sort Algorithm app

Heres an app where you can play with the bubble sorting algorithm.

Download Bubble Sort Algorithm

App Preview on YouTube

Bubblesort_copy.aia (174.3 KB)



What is this for? I watched the video but don’t get it xD

I guess it’s a visualization of the Bubble sort algorithm

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Yep, as Avram suggest; it’s what it is… a visualization of bubblesorting an uordered list you tap in yourself…
A lot of the things I do come from simple stuff.
Trying to make great apps through experimentation. I guess it takes a lot of practice to do great stuff… sorry to take you through all my experiments :joy:

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haha no problem I just wondered what this is for :wink: keep experimenting!

Don’t worry, it’s awesome!

Most younger programmers jump into a high-level programming language and have no idea, for example, how their call to sort() function works “under the hood”. This is how it works! Or at least this is one of the sorting algorithms. There are more sorting algorithms and each has its own pros and cons.


looks like there’s a lot going on under the hood - now I kinda understand how lists are sorted hehe :nerd_face:

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Nice to discuss computer science basics. I Think the Next level of sorting algorithm is merge sort, that should be much faster than bubble sort. I don’t wanna visualize this though…:crazy_face:


Nice app :smiley:
I would love to see what’s going on under the hood :heart_eyes:
Is there a possibility that this app will be open source one day? :smile:


I’ve put a link to the .aia in first post.


Oh, i see now :joy:

Thank you :smiley: