Branding screen to last opened

FYI, teacher here. NOT an engineer, so use small words :wink:
I have managed to make a branding screen that moves on to my next screen after a few seconds. But now I want to make it so that every time a user opens the app they see the branding screen and then go to the last opened screen. How do I do this? I don’t speak blocks. :slight_smile:

Hello @laura_Griffith
It’s easy to add this feature in your app.
Just Use the local storage ( Tiny DB ) to do so. . .

Now follow these Steps :

  • Drag and drop a tiny Db in each screen of your app.
  • Give it a tag : Screen Value or SV { i.e Tag = SV }
  • Now here the value will be the screen Title. { i.e Value = Screen Title }

Write this blocks for Tiny DB in each screen. ( except the Screen 1 or Branding Screen ) i.e.

  • when Screen X ( here x = title of the screen )Initialize do : Call Tiny DB 1 Store value { Tag = SV , Value = Screen Title ).

Now write your blocks of Screen 1 or Branding Screen

  • when Screen 1 Initialize do : open another screen Screen Name : Call Tiny DB 1 get value { Tag = SV , Value If Tag not there = Main Screen }

When ever a user close your app a value ( Screen title ) will be stored in the Tiny DB. And when he/she re-open the app The splash Screen will send him/her to that same screen where he left it.

Hope this will help you out !!
If not then please write in comment / email me : I’ll send you the sample AIA file to understand it better. :star_struck:

Ct tricks.

Hahahahah. You are hilarious. As I said, I’m not an engineer. Sometime I’ll tell you about SSTs, IEPs and 504s in my language. You lost me on your first sentence. A DB? Local storage? SV? Contrary to what Thunkable thinks, this is NOT for everybody! :slight_smile: Can you send a picture maybe, or use the same terms as Thunkable uses.
I don’t use teacher speak when I talk to parents. Is there an engineer out there who can talk without engineer speak? Seriously thinking of quitting this project. :frowning:

If your branding screen is screen1, set a clock to run when the app opens and display you branding screen.

When screen 1 initialized, set clock to true and have the branding screen or component to visible=true. When the timer for the clocks end, set clock enabled to false open a new screen.

What you need to do, is save a number referring to your screen to local storage every time you visit one of your pages.

On your branding screen, You will then have to load that number, and navigate to the screen that correspond to the number, like this:

I have made an example app here, that has a branding screen, and 2 other screens.

Hope this makes sense.


Agree. Would be nice though if the “navigate to” block would accept variables, so that we could generate the screen-name to navigate to dynamically. Well …

Thanks everyone for answering. I guess this is not for me.


lol don’t give up yet…even as a film maker i am trying to create something amazing out of thunkable. in 3days i have gone far, i still believe my app will hit one of the best in 2018