Bounce Not Working Correctly? Creating Pong

I am having a weird issue with sprites. I have a canvas and two sprites (I am creating a simple pong game). One sprite is a ball the other is a paddle. When the ball is in motion it bounces off of the walls perfectly, however, when it hits the paddle, it slows down very dramatically. I am not sure what setting might be at play here. The ball is set to bounce at 100 and the paddle at 0.
Does anyone have any advice?

Hey @brad.strassburger,

Not sure if this makes a difference, but in the sample Pong app, the “Bounce” attribute has no value, rather than a value of 0.

Not sure if that will make the difference, but it’s worth trying anyway!

Hello, can you please point me towards a completed sample pong app? Much appreciated!

Tap Pong - Thunkable
I think the bounce should by at 100

Nevermind This is not working for me either I am not sure why in that app it works Great but For what ever reason in my own app it doesn’t.
Balls Movement Thunkable

Yes my bounce is 100.
I would suggest that in the Docs there could be some Explanation on Bounce, because I don’t know if its a percentage number for how well it bounces or a speed number where the speed is 100 in the opposite direction.
What am I doing wrong?

A Google search for *bounce Thunkable" returns a bunch of results. The first one is the documentation for sprites which includes this information:

Bounce: When a sprite hits a surface or another sprite, this is the percentage of the speed that sprite with bounce back with. A bounce of 100 means that the sprite will bounce back at the same speed it had in its collision. A bounce of 200 will cause the sprite to bounce off with twice its speed. This is demonstrated in the GIF above under Picture List, where the beaver has a bounce of 50, or half its initial speed.

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