Bottom tab navigator hide tab for a screen

Hi. I really like the bottom tab navigator.
But have a question.
I can hide the navigator on a screen with “TabBarVisible”
Question is: Can I hide the “tab” for the screen on the bottom navigator so I can not navigate to the screen from other screens?

Something like this?

Here’s the component tree I used:

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Sorry but I cant get the link to work???

No I cant even login in right now. So maybe there is a server error???
There is just a empty white screen…:frowning:

I’m having a similar issue - just looking into it now.

EDIT: @funhall everything seems to be back to normal for me now.

Can you try again please?

yes thanks. But with this setup the open/start screen will not wok or will it??.
I need the stoff on the (in your case) purple screen to not be deleted.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t?

Using a stored variable will make your data persistent.

What you trying to do?

yes but it is text field that is not stored in variables

Sure…but why not create a new stored variable to save the value you want?

maybe that is also a solution. But there is a ot of numbers. Is is a grid with turnament scoes for up to 8 people and 8 diciplins… Id would be a big help if you would look at it and give me som advice how do do it…

Well, 8 x 8 is only 64, so it shouldn’t be that hard to manage.

I’m still no wiser as to why you want this screen to be inaccessible to other screens - can you tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to build here?

Do you have any mock ups of how it should look?

Have you written a design doc for what functionality your app should have?

no I am new in this and not that structuble. I build it ad hock as I come along.
Can I send you the link privatly somehow. Then you can see it…

You could send me your app, but I don’t really understand what you are trying to build, so I’m not sure what I can do unfortunately.

This is a fine way to work if you’re doing a solo project, but if you’re looking to collaborate it makes things really difficult for someone else to follow along at a later date with no clear brief of what the task is or what the outcome should be.

So far, all I know is you want an 8 x 8 grid…and originally you asked:

I’m not entirely sure how these two things are related? Can you give me a little bit more than that?

Thanks Domhnhall.
But I think I can find a way around this issue. I am much more in trouble with my payment API. Where i dont know how to get the response after the payment have been done.
I have wrote about this earliere but havent solved it yet. I will try to explaine it here below:

I am sending this request

And I get an url back that I send to get the payment window in the webviewer, woks fine.
My blocks look like this

But I dont know how i get the feed back from the payment. What block to use to read that there is a call back that the payment was okay.
The turturials you have is not with this isue. I understand when you use the wether api where there is a response emidiatly but here I have to wait until the customer have made the payment, an the online payment in this case Yourpay send back a callbackurl.
With other wods i need api server that is waiting(listening) for the payment callback?
There is a lot documentation fom yourpay at this link
Where I use the get token firstly.
I really hope you understand the problem and can help me out here with what block I need to use.
Best regards Martin