BOLOGNA MEDIEVALE App (have been downloaded 1,300 times on play store) the app that helps tourists to discover a beautiful Italian city full of history and art


The app I developed is dedicated to the city where I live, Bologna, and it should help tourists to discover this beautiful Italian city full of culture.

All the photos of the city were taken by me with a professional camera and even the descriptions are taken care of by me and they are not simple copy paste from Wikipedia but they are create made by reading many history books.

In this app I put all the information that I thought useful for a person who for the first time visit the city of Bologna. For example I thought it was very important to put a button for people with disabilities or handicaps with a link that refers to a site where they could find all the useful information to visit the city, for example to find theaters, museums, libraries and cinema also accessible to those who have problems to walk.

I developed this application because I love my city.

I started developing this application with thunkable Classic (in Italian language) and then when Thunkable X came out I developed a whole new one in English lenguage.

My application developed with Thunkable classic over a year ago has had great success with more than 1000 downloads.Today we are at 1300 downloads and it was several times in the trend (travel section) on the Play Store and is one of the most downloaded applications in my entire region.

I know that my application for many sides is still very amatorial and does not appear to be very professional but I hope in the future with the help of Thunkable innovations to make it more professional. I will try to increase the usefulness of my app adding contents and features in the future.

I tried a lot of time before to develop an app with Thunkable, with Android Studio and Xcode but it was impossible for me because those languages are too difficult. So I have to thank all the staff of Thunkable and especially Domhnall for his youtube tutorial videos and Jimmy for availability help me in all the times I’ve had problems developing with the app.


Thunkable classic App:

Thunkable X App Apple and Android:![65e86aad-2206-4d3f-ae8b-7faf5558eec2|281x500]

App of the Month: March/April 2019

Good Job!