Bluetooth low energy

Hello, I have a question, it is possible to pass saved data from one application to another with the Bluetooth low energy component, if so, could someone show me an example of how to do it.

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The idea is clever to transfer data but is a challenging one.

I investigated the idea and from my quick findings I can say the following:

  • In principle, you can make something like a chat app connecting two devices using Bluetooth but you need both devices to have the capability to read and write.
  • Thunkable uses BLE instead of the standard Bluetooth and therefore only connects as a client (receiver of information).
  • There is currently no option in Thunkable to develop a BLE server which will accept connection request from other devices and maintain the connection and provide services such as sending information.
  • Thunkable BLE scan only provides device names and IDs which is not enough to establish connections with other devices because BLE structure requires that each device having at least a service and each service having at least a characteristic and characteristic could have at least a descriptor. Connection is made using the characteristic UUID which is not provided using Thunkable blocks.

One way to overcome this situation is to use MIT App Inventor to develop the Bluetooth server app and use Thunkable to develop the Bluetooth client app so you can establish Bluetooth to Bluetooth communication without using external devices.

Hope this is clear

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