Bluetooth Help for electric scooter

Hello I bought a mi scooter pro and the apps out there are really shit… how can I make happen to get the data ? Like batterie? Speed and all that ? thx

what is a mi scooter pro (maybe i should already know this)

I searched and I find nothing, second we have google for words that we don’t understand or object that we don’t no it’s a electronic scooter. Can you help me to how to retrieve the data or not ? If don’t see why you posted this

does the scooter manufacturer provide any information? I asked because I want to learn ore about Bluetooth connectivity and thought I may be able to provide some help or at least learn in the process. If you’d prefer to not have me involved, that’s fine too. :slight_smile: I am sure there are several if not many fluent Bluetooth/Thunkable users out here!

Sorry if I bothered you!