Blizz: A Social Media App Template!

Hi! So, this is my first project ever to be published on the community so feel free to comment on this template!
Blizz is a social media app template (inspired by Reddit) which aims to help beginners mess around with Firebase and Airtable or/and create a SM app without much designing and stuff!
Main functions:

Miscellaneous Functions:

  • Integrated Temp-mail blocker API

  • Integrated Youtube Downloader API:
    Just send a youtube link into the chat, and the YTMP3 bot will send you a link to download the mp3 from that video! (Gotta wait, depends on the length of the video)

  • annoying background music!!! (Seriously though, you can remove or replace it if you like to.)

This is an unpolished, unfinished template, and still in it’s Alpha state, which was rushed with what little free time a 14-year-old had in-between exams. I don’t know if it would be updated.

(You will need to create your own Firebase Realtime Database, Authentication, Airtable and add it to the project for it to work. Additional (misc.) functions requires adding the APIs’ keys and header queries from RapidAPI, mentioned above.)

A full guide to customizing the template may come, depending on my free time and energy to continue working on this project.

The testing place: Thunkable
Template link: Thunkable

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API links:

Good job. For my apps, I go slow. ( my tip )