BLE communication with Lithium BMS

Hi All - I am trying to create an app to monitor batteries with. This is what I have for documentation for the battery.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what values need to be transmitted or how to interpret what is received.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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Not 100% sure you can do this on Thunkable.

If you were to be able to do it you would need the “Receive String” under Bluetooth and have your code read that.

Not much else I can say, this is out of my league a ways :joy:

@jonathonschnoor6x4b5 my league too! lol

I may give MIT’s app inventor a try. I have looked at a lot of codeless app builders online and I’m not so sure any of them are able to do what I need. MIT’s offering + BLE extension looked to be a bit finer grained, control wise.

You need to construct your string to get info and the data presented is not clear enough.

Do you know how to get the battery number?
Do you know the single character command to give to the battery?

Has the documentation provided any example to see how the string is constructed?

Is your BLE device 5.0 compliant?

I was assuming that the battery number is the number used for the device name being returned by the ble scan. I will pass your questions on to the manufacturer. Hopefully they will have clearer answers for more specific questions. Just knowing what to ask is a big help.

Thanks muneer!

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no that would not be possible. The first row in the chart/table you provided expecting the battery number as a single digit (could be decimal or hexadecimal, not sure)
It says you need to form an inquiry string that starts with

  • The hexadecimal “3A”
  • Followed by a single digit battery number
  • Followed by a single digit/char instruction
  • Followed by data bytes which is not clear
  • Followed by the data to be sent
  • Followed by a digit SUM in 2 bytes
  • Followed by a carriage return “0D” + linefeed “0A”

If we can get clarification on these then we can of course build the required string to construct the inquiry.

Personally, Scratch is my favorite but there’s some stuff Thunkable has that Scratch doesn’t, and vice versa.