BLE collecting data to be continuously sent through WEB API

Hello everyone!

I`m very new to X.Thunkable, I collect data from a remote device using BLE and I want to CONTINUOSLY send these data using a WEB API tool.

I can send data to the WEB for example “once” when SCREEN opens but I can`t find a way of continuosly transmit data to the WEB, that is some way of operation allowing to send data after BLE connection independently of the SCREEN operation, even when screen is not open, provided that the BLE connection still is available.

Can someone help me? - THX

You can set a timer and transmit data whenever the timer fires. But that will not work is the app is closed or in the background.


Hello, many thanks, good hint! - it`s working well…is any other way of keeping it working independently of screen status, I mean, with application still working in the background?

Not that I know of…

Thanks for your help!

Currently an application built on Thunkable wont run in the background. So unless the app is always open it wont continually update.

Thanks for your information!

@tatiang and @zander hit the nail on the head here.

You can set up functions to send location automatically when the app is open BUT Thunkable doesn’t support background services at this time other than push notifications.

So that means when the app is in the background, it’s effectively paused from further action until it’s open again.

What kind of app are you building @electrondo4xl ?

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Many thanks for your information, my application envolves sensors that get values of some physical world variables, send them through BLE to smartphones which add current location and act as bridges, transmitting all these info to the cloud, where they are processed.