[Beginner] Can i access a sorted list's info for other stuff?

I’m making a game for a class, and it’s a betting game, during the game I sort points from greatest to least, but to make the winning calculations I don’t know how to use those sorted points. (sorry stuff is in Spanish)
That’s the list

Before assigning the sorted list to a List Viewer, assign it to a variable. Then assign the variable to the List Viewer. That way, even after you’ve displayed the values in the List Viewer, you still have them stored as a list in a variable.

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Thanks, but this gives me a new problem, my list sorts variables, but I can’t assign a variable to another variable

I’m going to assign the variable’s values to invisible labels to use the label’s text for the new list variable

What makes you say that? Are you having trouble copying 1 variable to another?

I meant I couldn’t give a variable another variable as a value, or at least that’s what I thought the error meant, but don’t worry I made it work

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:clap: nice job!

Consider posting your solution here. This is a helpful practice for other thunkers to learn from!

This was my solution