Basic GET via WebAPI fails on any url

I have tried to get the WebAPI to retrieve any url, and I do mean ANY URL, different domains, different file types, html, text, json, whatever. It ALWAYS returns ‘undefined’ as the status. I am not doing anything complicated.

This should be dead simple, yet it can’t retrieve a simple URL via a get, and tell me the status.

There is NO auth on any of theses URLS. I’ve examined the headers and there’s no fields to add.

Make sure you’re testing this on a mobile device using Thunkable Live (or as a web app if you’re a Pro user).

I don’t think you’ll get a status value from a url that is not hosting an API. Have you tried this with an API? If so, post your url (feel free to remove any API keys).

Or feel free to try this one that doesn’t require a key:

You should get a status value of 200.