Base64 encoding in drag and drop

Hello all,

I don’t find “base64 encoding of” in drag and drop
Does "base64 encoding of" exist in Camera and Mediadrawer ?

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The block has been removed from the platform. It is not available anymore.

It will be back soon! We’re putting final touches on the component. The beta component wasn’t working well enough to release platform widow.


Thank a lot for your answer

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Is there a central resource on the diff between DnD and the old interface ?

Posts like this make me nervous about Thunkable tbh

Hey @collabor8te.projectq

What questions do you have and what part about this post instills feelings of nervousness for you? I’d love to try to squash concerns if I can.

We are pushing all features from StP to Drag and Drop. The base64 component was only ever released to beta testers. We opted to wait to deliver it as it choked on files over 50mb. We aree instead working on a file picker that will allow for not only images to be converted but also other files on the phone. This will enable users to send the string to a backend server via the webAPI , convert back to a file format, and then shoot it off to any corner of the internet you desire!

At the moment, feel free to build in snap to place and then there’s nothing to be nervous about.


Thanks @jared. Without having seen this post, for example, I’d have no idea and legitimately assume that Base64 encoding would be available as it is to be expected in any development environment that has the ability to communicate over the http/s protocol.

The fear is a standard one - I don’t know what I don’t know re DnD and DnD seems to be the end goal - and when I know that and have read there is no way to transfer between the two modes - then why would I start a project in StP ?


In line with the above, is this the only way to upload a file to a custom server currently in DnD ?:

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If what you want is to convert text to Base64 then this project should do the job

If you want to save the Base64 stream as a file then try this one


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